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Metro Mix 902

Yes, this weekís spotlight isnít on plants but, rather, on what plants really like. Metro Mix 902 is the potting soil we use throughout the greenhouse to grow marvelous plants. You, too, can grow beautiful container gardens using this professional mix.

Metro Mix 902:

  • Is a coarse, soil-less potting mix designed for pots

  • Takes on water fast

  • Retains needed moisture

  • Has good drainage

  • Contains no time release fertilizer so you wonít over-fertilize sensitive plants. (Add Osmocote to those plants that do benefit from a time release fertilizer.)

  • Does not contain water crystals. While water crystals can hold extra moisture, not all plants need that extra moisture. Potting soil that has the crystals mixed in already can create quite a slimy mess when those crystals on the soil surface start to swell. (Add water crystals to the lower half of the pot of Metro Mix for those plants that do need the extra moisture.)

  • Is medium-lightweight so moving pots isnít so difficult (but it is heavy enough that your pots wonít blow around).

  • Contains no weed seed or disease (like top soil can)

  • Has proven itself to be the best potting soil around. (Itís what we have used for over 20 years!)

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