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This petunia family member is a sensational addition to your sun garden palette. Calibrachoa is started from cuttings (instead of seed) to keep the colors true. Many colors and forms are available. They tend to form billowy masses of color, perfect for hanging baskets or pots.

One of the more common brands of Calibrachoa is ‘Million Bells.’ This name has become synonymous with all the varieties available.

Calibrachoa are sun loving and are easily grown. Keep them evenly moist (not soggy). While they aren’t particularly heavy feeders, they do appreciate either Osmocote when planted or a liquid fertilizer (like Miracle Gro) used as directed on fertilizer package. The plants may get leggy looking by mid summer; simply trim them back to increase bloom into the fall.

Calibrachoa do well here in southwest Missouri, in spite of our heat. They are very rewarding, producing an abundance of hummingbird attracting flowers.

Variety Spotlight #10, 4/21/2008 © Hilltop Farm

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