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Lantana is a subtropical plant, great for the heat and humidity that we experience here in the Ozarks. Lantana is an ideal plant for that hottest, sunniest spot in your garden it will thrive there!


  • Blooms all summer in a sunny location (at least 6 hours of sunlight)

  • Attractive to butterflies

  • Deer resistant

  • Covers a lot of territory plants spread about 3 to 5 feet wide!

  • Trailing plants will grow about 12-18 tall (available in lavender, white, and yellow)

  • Upright plants will grow 18-36 tall (available in lots of colors!)

  • Low maintenance (water and feed)

  • Quite drought tolerant once established (but does even better with even moisture).

  • Can be grown in beds or large pots

  • Treated as an annual in our area

  • Should not be planted out until it is warm (nights above 60 degrees is best)

  • Lantana produce dark berries which look like blackberries, but are not edible! Watch your small children!


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