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Hilltop Farm's Spring Seminar Series

In years past we have offered classes (seminars) on several horticultural topics such as Container Gardening, Sedum Wreaths, and Shade Gardening. However, since people have hectic schedules that don't always mesh with our class schedule, we are putting a new twist to our seminars: You supply the topic and at least 5 interested people and you set the time and date; we will supply the teacher. We will work with your schedule as best as we can, but do keep in mind that Saturdays in April and May are usually too busy before 5 pm. There will be a $5 per person fee (plus materials fee, if the class is a hands on class).

Here's how it works: get together a few friends (there is a minimum of 5 people per seminar) and choose a seminar from the list below (or suggest a topic that is of interest to you... we're flexible!). Then contact us by phone, email, or in person, and we will schedule the seminar to suit your time frame. These seminars make great activities for garden clubs, church groups, or groups of friends looking for an outing (you might even learn something, too!).

Our seminar series is designed to help the average gardener become a successful gardener. Please bring your specific questions pertaining to the seminar topic so we can address your specific needs. All of these seminars will be hands-on and we encourage you to wear walking shoes and appropriate garden apparel. These classes will be held rain or shine.

A Living Wreath

Suggested Seminar Topics:

Japanese Beetles (or What's This?)

Learn how to cope with Missouri's newest plague. I, Oscar, grew up in New Jersey where Japanese beetles were a way of life 40 years ago. (No, I did not bring them here!) But, I do know how to garden in spite of them. For $5.00 you will be able to out-smart these pesky creatures and enjoy your garden again.
Cost: $5.00 pp.

"And I Did It Myself": Planting Living Wreaths

In this demonstration / hands-on class you will learn how to moss a wire wreath, prepare it for planting, select plant material, and actually plant a wreath of your own. All materials are included in the cost of this class.
Cost: $40.00 pp. (Deposit required).

Raised Bed Vegetable Gardening

This really works! Don't let the "experts" fool you; raised-bed vegetable gardening is much simpler than they want you to believe. Easy to build. Flexible as to size and shape. Easy to tend. Grow all you need in less area than you think!
Cost: $5.00 pp.

"Getting the Hang of It": Planting Moss Hanging Baskets

You, too, can design, plant, and maintain moss hanging baskets! Our mossing expert will show you how to line a wire basket with sphagnum moss and then will go on to help you plan and plant a moss basket of your own to take home or give. Bring your own wire basket, or buy one from us for this hands-on seminar.
Cost: $5.00 pp. (plus materials).

Tomato Topics

Come learn how to grow better tomatoes! All your tomato questions answered!
Cost: $5.00 pp.

"Coping with Critters"

Practical (and impractical) methods for keeping Mother Nature at bay.
Cost: $5.00 pp.

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Container Gardening for the Horticulturally Challenged

Can you kill a silk flower? This class is for you: an introductory class on how to be successful with container gardens.
Cost: $5.00 pp.

Garden Ramble

Join Oscar on a 45 minute ramble through our gardens. Feel free to ask questions about what you see - or else you'll hear Oscar rambling.
Cost: $5.00 pp.

Beginner's Guide to Greenhouse Production

Oscar has been working in greenhouse production since he was 14 - and he's just beginning to get a handle on it. Come pick his brain.
Cost: $5.00 pp.

Wow Plants

Learn about what's new in the world of horticulture and how to best incorporate all these new plants into your garden. Learn the best way to add "Wow!" to your yard.
Cost: $5.00 pp.

Dealing with Drought

How to succeed with your garden - in spite of our erratic rainfall.
Cost: $5.00 pp.

Hosta Primer

Everything you need to know to be a successful hosta gardener.
Cost: $5.00 pp.

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