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We play in the dirt!

We are the place to "Buy Local"!

We* grow almost everything that we sell; we* grow it right here at Hilltop Farm, south of Ash Grove, MO. It isn't grown elsewhere and kicked off the back of a truck (except for a very few things). The fun is in the growing, so that is what we do. We usually start with seed or very small un-rooted slips of plants, but we also pot up and grow on bare-root perennials, tissue-cultured plants, and tiny plugs.

We also trial many of these plants in our own gardens and containers to see how they will react to our crazy Ozarks weather.

By growing the plants we sell and trialing them in our own environment, we "know" our plants. This allows us to offer plants that we know will grow well for you as well as offer the best gardening advice concerning the plants we sell.

We offer an astonishingly broad selection of plant material from bedding plants, to perennials, to hanging baskets, to tropicals, to exotics. We attempt to offer both the newest exciting varieties of plants, as well as time-tested classics. Our staff is well equipped to help our customers with their choices.

* The truth is no person can actually grow a plant. We can sow a seed, stick a cutting, give a plant all it needs, but only God makes it actually grow. "Amy planted, Oscar watered, but God gave the growth."

But God grew our plants locally.

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Our Showroom

Bedding Plants

Our bedding plant selection ranges from ageratum to zinnias, with many hard-to-find varieties in stock. We have veggie plants, too! Try the Carmen pepper; it's fabulous! All bedding plants are home-grown to the highest quality.

Viola Jars

High Performance Annuals

Our high performance annual selection is huge. These plants are mostly started from cuttings and consist of such favorites as lantana, pentas, heliotrope, and Wave petunias, to name a few. Many of these have superior traits, such as butterfly or hummingbird attractiveness, or the ability to thrive in extreme heat.

Brightly colored impatiens.


Our perennials are all grown here on the farm, and consist of many hundreds of varieties for sun, part sun, or shade conditions. Our display beds contain many full-size specimens to enable you to get ideas for what you might want.



Herbs! There's nothing like fresh herbs in those recipes! We can meet your needs. But don't forget the ornamental herbs; we have them, too. Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme (and basil and tarragon and...) We grow them here so you can grow them there.

Parsley, as fresh as it gets.


As many people have started to garden with edibles, we have added quite a lot of different fruits to our offering. Follow the link to our fruit fruit page to see the run-down.

Hanging Baskets

Our hanging baskets are all grown here in our own greenhouses. Almost all of our hanging baskets are 10" baskets for your success in having color all summer long. Our selection and quality are unmatched in the area. We are famous for our beautiful Boston Ferns and Bougainvilleas, but we offer sooo much more!

Tropicals & Exotics

Our tropical plants are grown here to ensure well-rooted, full pots. We have large and small pots of many things, such as mandevillas, dipladenias, hibiscus, and coleus. We also offer many other unusual plants such as purple-and-silver-leafed Persian Shield, Hawaiian Snow Bushes, and Rex begonias. For those who are a little "neglectful" in the watering area (like Amy!), we have tender succulents that can easily be grown as houseplants as well as patio plants for the summer.

Hawaiian Snow Bush


We offer many classic Hybrid Tea roses as well as climbers and the ever-popular 'Knock-Out Roses'.

Fun Stuff

Our carved rock turtles and owls have been a real hit with our customers. We bought our first rock owls as a whimsy birthday gift for one of our employees. But our customers at one of our open houses saw them and wanted them! The employee got her gift and we brought more in to sell. The rest is history! We offer them in sizes ranging from key-ring to back-breaking. Each is hand crafted and gluten free! Please come and adopt some today. Research shows that gardens with stone owls in them will not be grazed upon by their neighbor's concrete deer. Get some stone owls today to avoid any risk! (Turtles work as well!)

Stone owls!

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