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We have closed for retirement!

We want to thank you all for an amazing 2020 spring season (in spite of the challenges)! We are now closed and enjoying our retirement!

Here are the facts and details about our retirement straight from Amy's and Oscar's mouths:

We have been both marriage and business partners for all our adult years - 41 years of marriage and 38 years of working side-by-side running Hilltop Farm. Two years ago we decide to retire in 2020, and here we are. This last year has been a good one, though there were several times it seemed like Spring 2020 at Hilltop Farm wouldn't happen (and we asked ourselves, "Why didn't we retire last year?!")

So... after 38 years of growing and selling plants as Hilltop Farm, we closed on June 20, 2020, and will no longer be doing Hilltop as we have done it in the past.

For inquiring minds:

  • We are not selling the business.

  • We are not selling the farm.

  • We are not selling the Hilltop Farm name.

  • We are not moving.

  • We are just going to enjoy life: visiting and spending time with the grandchildren; weeding, planting, tending our own beds/gardens; planting a veg garden in a timely fashion (and not July); spending time listening and observing the birds that visit on migration in the spring; grow plants; have a clean(er) house - maybe; visit people; volunteer somewhere; the list goes on.

We thank you all for supporting us all these years (even if this was the first year). We couldn't have done it without you! We have been so blessed by the friendships we have developed with so many of you, our customers. We will really miss you! (Maybe we will have some events from time to time.)

We will be keeping some of the greenhouses and we will be growing plants (because we will need to continue to need plants/flowers for our own yard and garden), so there may be a possibility we can meet some plant needs for some people. We really don't know what retirement is going to look like yet, but we know we will not be continuing on the scale we have been.

We plan to continue informational newsletters/Facebook posts (facebook.com/hilltopfarmmo) after closing to help you out with your gardening questions. (Maybe Oscar will become a gardening consultant!)

But you still have the month of June to have more of the Hilltop Experience.

Clematis and Hostas: Two Hilltop Farm Specialties.

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