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We have postponed our retirement!

Well, we had planned to retire; Oscar promised Amy that we would retire; but, guess what? Oscar changed his mind and "chickened out" of retirement. So here we are for the 2021 season. Oscar "promises" that we will retire in June and not be open in 2022, so this is really your last chance.

There are some changes though: While we will have a great selection of plants, it will be a bit pared down from previous years. Big categories of plants we will not have: geraniums, dahlias, and packs of bedding plants. However, we will have a wide variety of veggies, herbs, bush fruits, perennials, and annuals. We will try to keep you happy.

Another big change is our hours: We will open April 9, 2021 at 10am and will keep the following schedule until June 19th or 'til we sell out, whichever comes first: We will be open only Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Our hours will be 10am 'til 6pm each day. By being open fewer days a week Oscar thinks we might have a little bit of fun time for ourselves. (It has been 39 years since we have really enjoyed the miracle of spring!) By having a later starting date we hope to avoid dealing with displaying plants for sale amid nasty, cold weather like we have every other spring. By having shorter hours we hope to be able to get the watering done in the morning before customers roll in and maybe have a little time in the evening to stop and smell the daffodils.

So, please come visit us this spring. We look forward to seeing you again.

Clematis and Hostas: Two Hilltop Farm Specialties.

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