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We grow many kinds of herbs, most in 4" pots to give you a good start. Most of our herbs are culinary (for cooking), while others are ornamental. Many plants we offer also have medicinal uses; however, we are not informed enough to offer safe advice for their uses (but they are great in the flower garden). Here are a few of the highlights of our offering:

  • Basil - We grow an Italian variety called 'Nufar'. It is naturally more rot resistant than most basils on the market. It has great flavor and yields bountifully. Want pesto? Get 'Nufar'!

  • Mints - We grow 5 varieties of this vigorous grower. All have wonderful flavor; excellent in cooking and teas. Best grown in pots so they don't take over your garden!

  • French Tarragon - This one is appreciated by avid cooks and is easily grown. French tarragon is the real deal - avoid Russian tarragon, which is a cheap imitation grown from seed and has no flavor.

  • Lemon grass - This culinary herb is rather hard to find. We got ours in California and carefully propagate it here for your summer enjoyment. It gets big, fast, but it is not winter hardy here.

  • Sages - Most of this class are perennial, though there are some tender varieties. This group of plants includes the culinary sage used in sausage/stuffing, as well as many ornamental varieties. All are attractive to butterflies and hummers.

  • Rosemary - Intensely aromatic and indispensable in the kitchen. Sadly, they are tender here, but they do grow quickly, making lots of leaves for your kitchen creations. We offer several varieties.

  • Thymes - We offer the classic French cooking thyme as well as its variegated forms of Silver Thyme and Golden Lemon Thyme. Elfin Thyme (that grows very close to the ground) is an ornamental variety we offer.

  • Parsley - We carry two types: The classic triple curled which graces plates year round as a garnish; and the even more flavorful flat, Italian parsley. These are biennials (first year just leaves; second year blooms and dies). Start with fresh plants each year for best results. Parsley grows well in a container or as edging in flower beds.


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