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"Gold Card" Savings at Hilltop Farm!

We are pleased to announce the introduction of our all-new "Gold Card" savings at Hilltop Farm. Would you like to receive even greater savings when you buy quality grown-on-the-farm plants from Hilltop? What about a big bowl of ice cream? Become a "Gold Card" cardholder and get all this (and more!) for only $25 per calendar year membership.

Look at all the perks "Gold Card" cardholders get for just $25 per year!

  • Extravagant weekly specials (in addition to the web- and home- specials we already offer)
  • Special prices on the following select items all season long!
    • Potting soil - $15.50 per bag (regularly $16.50)
    • Bedding plants - $17.00 per flat (regularly $18.50)
    • 4" perennials - one extra free with any "set"
    • Hostas - $1.00 off each when you buy 3 or more
    • Hanging Baskets - $1.00 off each when you buy 2 or more
  • Cash prices when you use a credit card (save 3%)
  • Ice Cream Social in the garden mid-June. (We weren't kidding when we said you'd get free ice cream!)
  • Extravagant weekly specials.

Get all this for only $25 per calendar year! Sign up at Hilltop Farm at any time and start saving!

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