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The Gardens at Hilltop Farm

Our display gardens at present consist of over an acre of plantings in sunny as well as shady locations. These gardens have many uses for us. The most important is for our customer's enjoyment and their education as to the value of the different plants. We also use the gardens as a source of propagation material, as well as trial grounds for new plants. We encourage you to come enjoy the gardens!

Our Hosta Walk, Just part of our collection!

What's New in the Gardens

Gardens are always in a state of flux, and ours are no different. We continue to "freshen" our display areas each year. In the shade gardens this past fall, we lifted some hostas so we could add compost and sand to replace the soil that "goes away" after time in a raised bed. After we tilled the sand and compost, we re-set the hostas, filling gaps where voles had taken out some plants. The result: neat and tidy, better growing conditions, and a couple of areas available for new things to be planted in the spring.

In the sun gardens, a few of the perennial borders got a total over haul. (We learned this trick from the British gardeners: Perennial beds aren't meant to remain static for years. In England, at all the big gardens, perennial borders are replaced entirely every few years!) So, we took out all the plants except for a few that cannot/should not be disturbed, did the soil improvement thing, then planted fresh. It should look nice in the spring.

We also have two raised veggie gardens in our "overflow parking" area (aka, the barn lot). These were installed in 2014 and 2015.

Veg Garden

The two raised vegetable gardens in our barn lot feed us, our employees, and many friends, neighbors, and family. The gardens also serve to demonstrate how a lot of food can be produced in not too large of an area. We would be glad to show you around and answer your questions (when we aren't swamped), but we ask that you do not walk in the garden and that you do not help yourself to the produce.

Shade Gardens

Our shade gardens contain our collection of hundreds of varieties of hostas, as well as many other shade loving perennials, such as variegated Solomon's Seal, gingers, astilbes, and many varieties of hardy ferns. Many people have trouble visualizing gardening under trees; this can be remedied by seeing what we have done. The gardens are particularly nice in spring, but are accessible by appointment into the fall.

Another view of our gardens.

Sun Gardens

Our sunny gardens are quite extensive, consisting of many smaller display areas, such as our butterfly/hummingbird garden (a real "hit" with lots of butterflies/hummers and color all season!) Our gardening style tends to be a free-form "cottage garden" that you will find enjoyable, as well as inspiring.

Sun Garden at Hilltop

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