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For the garden we will be offering the following. Most are from tissue culture which means that they are disease free! That means rapid growth with potentially huge yields!

  • Blueberries - We will have 6 varieties, all having big berries with great flavor. That's what we want! (Check out the cultural info on our Variety Spotlight page!)

  • Red Raspberries - Fall producing, amazing flavor, easy to grow.

  • Black Raspberries - Summer bearing, seedy but flavorful! Amy's favorite!

  • Blackberries - 'Chester' is our guy! Robust grower, thornless, lots of berries for weeks!

  • Figs - These rapid growing fruit shrubs are border-line hardy here. Track Oscar down and he will give you the scoop on how to succeed - it's not that difficult!

  • Rhubarb - The pie plant. A big, coarse plant with large leaves. But only the leaf stalks are used to make great pie.

  • Strawberries - We offer the ever-bearing kinds that produce fruit from May until frost.

    We will also have some tropical fruits to grace your summer patio:

    • Citrus trees of all sorts:

      • Lemon

      • Lime

      • Kumquat

      • Grapefruit

      • "Cutie" mandarins

      • And more!

      • Be sure to read our Variety Spotlight on Growing Citrus "Up North".

    • Papayas - Amazing growth rate! Big fruit! Amy & Oscar are not fond of papaya fruit, but the plant is a beautiful tropical addition to the landscape!

    • Olive trees - These have been easy to grow and look great! We grow the 'Arbequina' variety which is self-pollinating so it will produce fruit!


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