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All of our annuals are grown here in our own greenhouses. We attend several All-American flower trials to compare the varieties we now grow to the newest introductions to ensure that we offer only the best. Our seed comes from sources worldwide and the vegetative material comes from only the best suppliers. Each year we are happy to offer many new and improved varieties, and 2018 is no exception.

Stunning cosmos.

Bedding Plants

Growing bedding plants is an art we have mastered. The plants must not be started too early and become overgrown. After 30 years of experience, we know when to start each variety so the finished plants are at their peak when it is the proper time to plant. We carefully harden off the bedding plants in our custom-built coldframes, climatizing them for success in your garden. This is an added bonus to you - the plants are already used to the wind, rain, and sun. They hit the ground running!

Our Annual Display Area

We try to have a complete selection of all the types of bedding plants, including veggie plants. For example, we offer over 25 varieties of impatiens and 15 varieties each of peppers (try the Carmen; it is delicious!) and tomatoes (Sun Sugar is a favorite)!

High Performance Annuals

Our high performance annuals are extremely strong growers that will take the difficult Midwestern summer conditions. Many of these, such as pentas, are not only extremely sun tolerant, but butterfly friendly as well, and should be included in all sun gardens. Our high performance line includes many varieties of lantana, geraniums, New Guinea impatiens, sweet potato vines, Summer Wave torenias, million bells, verbenas, Wave petunias, Double Wave petunias, and on, and on, and on......

Just to higlight a few:



What a diverse group of plants! The plant offering has really broadened since the days when all you could get were bedding "shade" impatiens (which we still offer as well.) First came the New Guinea impatiens, excellent for morning sun or bright shade. Big flowers, big plant. Then came "Sunpatiens" that thrive in sun as well as in shade! And, yes, they do do well in sun, even here in Southwest Missouri! We have several colors to choose from! Changes continue; now there are yellow impatiens, similar to New Guinea impatiens. And, finally, back by popular demand, we will be offering Double impatiens again. With all this variety, why not try an impatien or two this year!

You may have read about downy mildew on impatiens. Currently downy mildew does not pose a tremendous threat in SW Missouri. Some more good news: Downy mildew is only a threat to the bedding type impatiens; all other impatiens listed above are not affected at all!

Brightly colored impatiens.


This is the ultimate in easy sun annual. They fill an area well (trailing types to 3' in diameter; uprights to 2' in diameter); they bloom! (without deadheading!); and once established, they are quite drought tolerant. Check out the Variety Spotlight on Lantana for more details!

Pink and yellow lantana.

Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost' ('Glitz White')

This is a relatively new up-and-comer. A few years ago only big growers were allowed to offer this plant. (It is patented and those were the rules.) At the time, I thought, "Who would want that? It looks like a weed!" The next year we decided to offer it, with hesitation. Wow! What a performer! It is blooming when you buy it and never stops until the frost gets it in the fall. It requires no dead-heading and "goes with everything!" Great in a pot by itself, in a grouping, or in mixed planters.

Euphorbia 'Diamond Frost'

Wave Petunias

These gems have been around for many years, but the color choices are expanding, and includes doubles of most colors! We tend to use the name "Wave" as a generic term to cover the true "Waves" and many series of petunias that all have that wonderful performance: widely spreading (to 3' or more), nearly ever-blooming (may require one trim late in the summer), and quite maintenance free (they are heavy feeders, so use Osmocote timed-release fertilizer at planting time). These have become very popular with our customers.

Wave petunias.


These multi-colored wonders quickly form large specimens in your summer gardens, thriving in either sun or part shade. The vibrantly colored leaves are available in many different patterns. The rapidity of growth will quickly transform your garden into a tropical masterpiece. We offer many varieties.

Coleus Collection

Ornamental Sweet Potato Vines

We offer several different varieties of ornamental sweet potatoes. All are extremely cold sensitive, shipped from late April through June. All sweet potatoes love it hot and sunny - ideal used in combination planters or as a summer groundcover. Their tubers are edible but fairly tasteless. The three classic varieties available are:

Margarita- Golden-yellow, heart-shaped leaves. Extremely vigorous; it will carpet the ground quickly and fully.

Blackie- "Cut" leaves of deep black.

Ace of Spades- Heart-shaped, deep black leaves.

We also offer the new 'Solar Tower' climbing sweet potato, in both black and gold. We trialled these last year and they were totally amazing! Definitely worth growing if you have a trellis you want to cover!

Sweet Potato Vines


Its common name is summer snapdragon, but it isn't a snapdragon at all. It loves the sun and heat. This annual bears spikes of white, pink, purple, red-rose, or blue flowers all summer over dark green foliage. It is a no muss, no fuss type plant that is a real performer!


If you have a hot, sunny spot, you need this plant! They look somewhat like geraniums, but thrive, not sulk, in the hot Missouri summers. Choose your color: clear white, bright pink, purple, or dark red. All are gorgeous and extremely attractive to butterflies and hummingbirds!

Butterfly attracting pentas.

Fancy Salvias

Full summer color; heat loving; attract hummingbirds and butterflies; disease free foliage; lots of color choices. Need I say more? Try some this year - you'll love them!

Somes that we need to rave about (though we love the entire genus!):

'Black and Blue' this is an amazing plant with amazing blue flowers, for an amazing length of time all summer. According to the books, this plant is not hardy here and needs to be treated as an annual. I don't think the plant has read the book. In 2012 I planted several 'Black and Blue' salvia in various beds. In the fall, after the frost killed them to the ground, I cut them off considering they would not return in the spring. To my surprise they sprouted from the roots with a vengeance! The two-year-old plants quickly grew to 3'tall and bloomed all summer with no tending other than watering! Amazing! The plants have proven hardy for me in my location; It has come back for 3 years and I'm convinced it will return this spring as well.

'Wendy's Wish' was new to us in 2013, after searching for starts of the variety we had seen in botanic gardens for years. I put 3 plants in a huge pot, but really should have put in just one! The plants I set out in the beds got 2'-3' tall and wide. Long spikes of rose-purple flowers continued all summer, a buffet for the hummingbirds! This one is not hardy. Great in a pot!

Breeders are always busy. Now there is a 'Wish' series of salvia, including the two new-comers: 'Ember's Wish' is a bright coral. 'Love and Wishes' is burgundy. All have the same amazing flower power; all get big!

Salvia 'Black and Blue'
Salvia 'Black and Blue'

Salvia 'Wendy's Wish'
Salvia 'Wendy's Wish'

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